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Cetris, an online game
Papalot game (alpha)
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Don't overlook Cetris and Papalot (alpha test), online games of our devise. But the main attraction...

Babala is a simple logical game with elements of move strategy. At the start of the contest, the enemy figures "Balabaks" are situated on the playing field. In fending them off, you'll have only limited moves and shots (or laying of mines) allowed during your each round, after which the enemy is permitted a measured advance. If Balabak reaches you, you're mugged, you lose. Enemy doesn't shoot.*
Your task is to survive and dispose of all Balabaks. To do this you must choose suitable movements or shots, and that won't be so easy. There may be obstacles and certain rigged perils, critically situated, or distant ammunition stores that have to be reached. You may have to shoot through a wall at Balabaks, and you have a limited numbers of shots. If you don't have enough munitions, then you must tempt the enemy into a trap. Length: 200 levels

Babala is the earnest product of individual creativity, pristine and given freely, without commercial consideration. The software is non-intrusive and doesn't contain any ads, spyware or viruses. Well, except of course for the fact that playing the game causes so much cerebral trauma that maggots eventually flesh out your entire skull cavity, heh-heh. Kindly submit your opinions and questions about the game, either to our forum, or send email to Thank you and.. enjoy!

Screenshots (much reduced)

Sample gameplay: left, level 58; right, level 151

Frequently Asked Questions about Babala gameplay

What do I do now? Answer: key Ins or 0, or click the red arrow control. The game allows you only a handful of actions at a time, then you must signal advance of round, and let Balabak come.

What if I get stuck? If you just can't solve a level and want to move on, use Skip Level, from Game menu; it costs 50 pts. Perhaps do a "Save Game" first, so you can easily return to the trouble spot.

Game features at a glance (actual size)

Player: can move, shoot and plant mines
This enemy can move 3 squares per round
This enemy can move 4 squares per round
This enemy can move 3 squares per round, requires 2 shots to kill
Steel wall, cannot be destroyed
Brick wall, destroyed by shot or explosion
Water: only projectiles can cross it
Triggered, it destroys a 3-by-3 square area
Trigger, can be tripped by player or enemy
Time bomb: detonates after # rounds shown
Explosive barrel: shoot to detonate it, and any adjacent
Dragon: belches a line of destructive flame

Bomb hurler and corresponding target mark; destroys a 3-by-3 square area when triggered

Teleport entrance and corresponding exit; enemy can also make use
Ammunition store:
5 cannon shots
Ammunition store:
5 mines

*Next release will have a choice of two graphic scales, and will include an Advanced game set having 100 additional levels and these exciting new features:

This enemy can move 5 squares per round, requires 3 shots to kill
This enemy can move 3 squares per round, and throws a fireball
Stone: player can push to free square, using up 2 moves
Elixir: renews full count of moves/shots, for player or enemy
Arrest: Abruptly ends round of moves/shots for player or enemy

Optional feature
To make things a little bit easier, you can elect to have yours and your enemy's ranges shown in subtle field shadings.

Copyright 2000 - 2005 Miro International Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.
Mambo is Free Software released under the GNU/GPL License.