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  • Babala also has in-game help

You already know the basics if you've read our Front Page:

At the start of the contest, the enemy is arrayed on the field. You the player will be allowed only limited moves and shots (or laying of mines) during your each round; after which the enemy makes a measured advance. Balabaks move straight toward you, going around any obstructions. If any balabak reaches you, you lose. In order to survive and dispose of all enemies, you must choose suitable movements or shots, which won't be so easy. There could be obstructions and certain rigged perils, critically situated, or distant ammunition caches that have to be acquired. You may have to shoot through a wall at Balabaks, and you have a limited numbers of shots. If you don't have enough munitions then you must tempt the enemy into a trap.

Take all the time you need to decide your actions. You may scout various routes, using Backspace to undo. Your's and your enemy's range are always shown as field colorations (optional setting), so you can plainly tell when you're in the clear. After taking the actions you elect, kindly hit Ins key or 0 to signal next round, and the Balabaks will take their advance. Ideally, by your choice of actions, you have ensured that this will not result in your defeat. Take particular note of these set maximums for your moving/shooting combined, per round: 1/5, 2/4, 3/4, 4/3 or 5/1. See the trade-offs? these are key to the contest and worth memorizing, but you can keep track by the readout provided. And it's very easy too because you'll see your range markings shrink away as you use up your allowable moves. A blue-shaded square is safe harbor from balabak. Laying a mine counts as a shoot, yes.

The munitions you're supplied to begin each level will vary greatly, so be sure to check the readout along the bottom to assess your arsenal. (Note: if using Windows 98/Me, you'll probably have to maximize Babala's window on its very first launch, in order to make the bottom readouts appear from beneath the Taskbar.) You can often conserve one shot by laying a mine for a red balabak, which is otherwise a two-shot kill. Press S-key to see an overview of your campaign, a complete report of munitions and enemies remaining.

Babala's defining features are described in the game's Legend. These are but a few in number, and are explained in 10 brief Tips that pop up during the early gameplay... ultra simple.

Scoring is based on how few rounds you needed to completely dispose of the enemy, as compared to an assessed average for that particular level. A bonus is added based on the level's difficulty ranking. Note that you can replay a level as many times as you want before advancing. The software automatically keeps track of your highest score achieved (termed your score of record) to add into the game total. Saving is all automatic, so you can quit the game any time, eg. between replays. If you choose to Skip a level, it will cost you dearly: 50 points.

What screen resolution is required?  Some level maps exceed standard 800?600 screen size? for them, either scroll the map as you play, or you may prefer to use 1024?768.

Play by clicking on the function buttons along the bottom, or easier yet, use these shortcut keys:

Move or change orientation left, up, right, down
Shoot a projectile Space
Plant a mine Ctrl
Undo BackSpace
Next round Ins or 0
Scroll map alt + left, up, right, down
Show range R,r
Show state of level S,s
Restart level alt + r
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